Friday, March 2, 2012

The Call of the Wild...

Took the dogs out for a walk on this warm and sunny day. There is snow in the mountains from the last storm. The snow starts at around elevation 3,000 feet. We are at 2,000 feet.

Angel, the yellow lab, decided that the walk shouldn't end. She caught wind of something and off she went. The other dogs and I looked for her; called her; no use. And so I sit at this computer waiting for this beloved dog to come home. Worried.

Angel does this once and awhile. Usually with Joni; never with me. I'm not used to this notion of waiting for this dog to come home. On the walk I caught a glimpse of something running through the woods. A deer? Mountain lion? Coyote?

Gosh darn it Angel, where did you run off to? Did you decide that it was a good day for a swim and lumbered down to the swimming hole? Did you find something really stinky to roll in? Did you hear the "call of the wild"? Can't blame her for running off; it's a nice day.  A good day for sniffing and exploring and running and gallivanting and being free.

Enough! Angel come home!

*Addendum: Angel, the rascal dog, came home a few minutes after writing this. Almost like she heard me. And she brought us a gift:

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