Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 266: Outdated...

Still fighting a bug here. Taking massive amounts of Nyquil, sleeping and resting.

Started me thinking about what we don't have that others would consider essential. We have no blackberry, I phone, cell phone, I pad nor Lap Top. We have no hot water; no running water to the kitchen (we carry it in buckets). We have no Wii, Sega, no PlayStation of any number. We don't take kindly to Kindles. We have no GPS. I don't know what 3G is---guess it follows that 4G is also a mystery to me.

We do have a ten year old Sony television, the type that is big and boxy and hard to carry. We do have a six year old computer that runs ever so slowly (I have a hard time getting the Word Processing program to mail stuff). We have a small CD player. We do have a DVD player that I can't run. The thing also plays VCR tapes that I have never used.

We do have Satellite TV (although we are thinking about giving that up). We do have a Satellite Internet that I consider essential to contact the outside world.

We have no air conditioning. Essentially, we are outdated and mostly useless when it comes to civilized culture. I like it that way. If I had my way, we would remain living without these other pesky conveniences forever.

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