Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Days 247-250: The Road to Damascus...

A walk this morning in the Napa Valley. Work today, then home--will arrive in the wee hours of the morning. And then up tomorrow, pack my backpack and hop a plane to Chicago--and then Charlotte, North Carolina.

We will start a leg of the Appalachian Trail on Thursday. The section will end in Damascus--and from looking at the map, if we start in Marion, it will be a 63.8 mile romp, including a climb up Virginia's highest mountain (Mt. Rogers---5.700 feet). I'm told that the Appalachian Trail is much tougher due to the lack of switchbacks in rugged territory. When it was built in the 1920's, people must have been less domesticated---so they just built the trail from point to point--leaving out any need for a lower grade or comfort.

I've read Bill Brayson's book on the Appalachian Trail; wasn't impressed. That's about all the reading preparation I've done for this thing.

And I remain woefully out of shape. Unprepared (as usual). Since this is my third week long trek this year, one would think I'd be getting smarter at this by now. But no. I continue to believe I'm 160 pounds and 25 years of age. This burgeoning gut and the lines around my eyes tell the real truth. So I shall suffer. Carry my home on my back. Hope for the best.

So this little, goofy website will be silent for a bit. Be back late next week with a full update on the experience.


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greentangle said...

5700? Mountain? Pffft! Sorry, I'm just a flatlander temporarily high.

Have a great trip--I look forward to the next article.