Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ranked 2,921,408

Back from four days of work in the Napa Valley. Hot as can be here. And quiet (the girls are gone visiting).

Since I write a whole lot about books I've read, I decided to post some of the items on Amazon. My book review ranking has climbed by 2 million spots over the last week. That doesn't take much: only two people have liked my reviews. One person didn't. (Giving me a much below average of 66 percent.)

So there are almost three million people out there who are more popular in writing reviews than I am. You can find the book reviews here.

Over the next week I hope to dig out more reviews and post them on Amazon. My goal: to break the One Million mark on the reviewer list! Oh, vanity.


greentangle said...

Easily done--you're now at 338,590. You'll be getting that Vine invitation and free books like me in no time.

Allan Stellar said...

Free books! I'm all for that.