Monday, January 16, 2012

In the Napa Valley

It is late at night and I've finished a shift at work. Been awhile since I've updated this thing. How are things? you might ask.

Just fine.

I've been sick with a nasty bug I caught (oh the perils of being an RN). This gave me time to finish a couple of books. One, a book of essays by Barbara Kingsolver; another book by a local Chico author on Climate Change; and the newest one by the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. So I guess that makes my book total of five for the year. Just ninety five more to go. Click on the links and look for my review of these books.

And what has changed over the last couple of weeks? Well, good ole' Wally Herger isn't seeking re-election. That has sent all of northern California into a tizzy as the Republican Junta that runs things around here conspires to figure out who will replace him. This changes one of my New Year's Resolutions, as Dan Logue has decided to run in another District.

And a wild Wolf is close to our home. For the first time in 88 years, a single Gray Wolf has returned to California. May many more join him.

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