Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doggy ESP....

A long walk down the Canyon today. Happy dogs escorting me.

I drove home last night. Joni decided to have an experiment with the dogs. Normally, she tells them when I'm coming home. Angel, when she does this, waits up for me, sitting by the window--watching the driveway.

Last night Joni didn't tell the dogs. She went outside the script. Around midnight Angel got restless and woke Joni up. Angel has a low pitched growl that she gives when she wants something. Joni was asleep and resisted Angel's pleas. Angel would have nothing of it. "Get up!", Angel growled. This all happened about a half hour before I got home.

So Joni dutifully got up and took Angel outside---just in time for me to pull into the driveway.

"I swear Angel knows when you are coming home" , Joni told me. I agree. How does Angel know these things? Does Joni put out some pheromone when I get close? Does she hear the Yaris some twenty miles away? A mystery.

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