Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happiness is at $60,000 a Year...

A short walk in the sun. Got home from work late last night and couldn't sleep. So I'm trying to turn my schedule around by surviving on three hours of sleep.

Been reading a book which I will write about later. More and more I've been running across the figure of $60,000 a year as the amount of money to earn which garners the most amount of happiness. People who make more than this are rarely happier than people who earn 60 grand.

Poor people are unhappy. Period. Happiness isn't to be found in the upper middle class: it is to be found in the middle to lower middle class. At this income you still use public services (public schools and libraries). At this income your house will be modest. At this income, you will be secure, but not affluent.

The book I read last night suggested that a family should earn around $15,000 per household member to, statistically, earn the proper amount of money for happiness. I agree. Do you?

No castles. Great cottages. All happy.


My Life Outdoors said...

I agree! So the question becomes...will you turn down a raise or promotion if it will push you past the "magic" number? What could one little raise hurt? Or one more? Or one more?

lph said...


I wrote a nice long post only to have lost it. Anyway a question: Is this considered after tax income?

After King Walker's bill we are certainly looking to reduce our expenses.

Take care,

Allan Stellar said...

Outdoors... Good question. I earn a little more than the goal number (not bad for a part time gig). I guess I'll live with my unhappiness. :)


Would have loved to have read your long response. The numbers listed are gross income, before taxes. Will present documentation in a later post.

Anonymous said...

The happiest people I've ever met are much poorer than most North Americans.


Allan Stellar said...

I agree Ian...