Thursday, April 21, 2011


Time flies. Another work stint done and now I'm home. The oaks are leafing out (two to three weeks behind the Napa Valley). Hiked halfways down the canyon again today. Temperatures are still cool and the rain has been intermittent.

Since I've lost my favorite Pacific Crest Trail book, I ordered another one from Amazon. I've also received several books that I'm in the process of devouring right now. The current book I'm reading is Nick Rosen's study of living "Off the Grid". It makes me look at my own motivations for having adopted this lifestyle. Makes me think.

And my Assemblyman (and my favorite Climate Change Denier), Dan Logue is in the news again. This time he led a delegation to Texas in order to study their business climate. Of course, while he was there, massive wildfires broke out in a fashion never seen before. The real climate overtook Dan Logue's exploration of the business climate. Texas has been experiencing a drought while just a few states away, record numbers of tornadoes crushed the deep South. Not to mention all those floods in the Midwest. Seems ironic that Texas would experience this wrath of nature while the Proposition 23 writer and lead Republican Climate Change Denier, Dan Logue was leading lawmakers to the Mecca of Texas.

I couldn't help myself but point out the irony on Dan Logue's Facebook page. Speak truth to power.

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