Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning in America

Hanging out at Springer's, having a barbecue, Springer's son poked his head into the backyard to let us know Osama was dead. We moved the barbecue inside to monitor the events and watch Obama deliver the news.

Good. Bin Laden had it coming.

Took me full circle the last ten years of my life. I watched the planes slam into the WTC in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was my first night in that city---as I'd just moved there from Reno, Nevada. Since I had some time off, I hopped in the car the next day and took a week to do a big circuit of the Southwest. When I got to the Hoover Dam, they wouldn't let me drive across it. Those first few days after the attack on the WTC, it felt like the world had changed forever.

Now it has changed again; that's how it felt watching Obama with my colleagues. Perhaps now we can end the wars and go back to having a "peace dividend". Perhaps now we can go about the business of constructing a Green society. Perhaps now we can enjoy a new morning in America


Woodswalker said...

Dream on, Allan. We've just delivered the terrorists a fresh martyr and otherwise changed nothing. Our military isn't leaving the Middle East until all their oil is gone.

Allan Stellar said...

Could be Woods. But I can't help that we've been handed a great opportunity to exit the region and to start focusing on real problems...