Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 340: Scott Nearing, Chickens and Bobcats...

Cold in the Napa Valley yet again. Still raining. I'm already sick of this wet and cold weather. Time for a bit of sunshine. Please?

A few events have cheered me up: While looking for a book by Murry Bookchin in the PUC library, I stumbled upon a book that I've been trying to find for years: Scott Nearing's "The Making of a Radical". His autobiography. I look forward to curling up with it tonight.

And the other day I saw my first bobcat. Like most Americans, I saw this creature from within my car. He loped in front of me as I approached Clear Lake, California. My what big feet they have!

And the day before I left for the Napa Valley, our chicken (whose name is Pot Pie) laid her first egg! Photos to follow.


rio said...

i live in the midwest and as the climate has been changing over time, we are seeing more and more bobcats and mountain lions in areas here where normally would not have, they can be very intimidating when you see them for the first time hanging out in a tree about 100 yards from your house! :)

Allan Stellar said...


Thanks for following! I'm so very glad to hear that mountain lions and bobcats are returning to extirpated areas. I've run across a couple of mountain lions over the last couple of years. The fear of them is much over-rated. Such a thrill to see a misunderstood and wonderful creature!

Many people would like to see mountain lions hunted again in California. A mistake. They can roam for hundreds, even thousands of miles, thereby reintroducing themselves to areas that otherwise wouldn't have this magnificent creaure.