Friday, December 10, 2010

Days 343 and 344:Where is the Sun?

This is getting awful. Clouds and light rain yesterday. Rain all last night and today. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun.

Some years the rainy season doesn't start until Christmas. This year we've had rain for what seems like an entire month now. The past two days I've taken the dogs out for a long tramp along the ridge. The dogs come home tired and wet. I dry them off. And then they nap.

All work on the house has been suspended because it is cold and raining. No, we hunker down in sleeping bags and pull out books to read. We run the generator and watch TV. It'd be cozier with a woodstove; we are actively pricing them now and hope to have the thing installed within a month. At least then we can watch the glow of fire (and be warmer) as we listen to the steady rain on the tin roof.

Four more months of this? Rain. Since the rains began early, I'm hoping Spring will do the same.

Cocooned in a sleeping bag, or walking through the wetness, it is hard not to dream of next year. This past year has been one full of hikes and adventures. A week in Costa Rica with Ian; a week on the Pacific Crest Trail; a week on the Appalachian Trail: I'm happy with it.

So how about next year? What plans are going through my silly little head?

Stay tuned. And thanks for stopping by.

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