Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 161: Chores...

I bought this place in order to have chores to do. Chores are one of those things in life that keep us alive and kicking. Keeps us out of trouble; away from the bars and other potentially negative distractions that perils adulthood.

I've moved everything out of the Addition into convenient piles outside. I've declared it Summer! The dry season.

So I moved the straw bales and insulation outside. I created a large flat surface to house stuff until I can move it all back inside again. The minute I finished, it rained!

Jazzy standing in the Addition..

And another view...

And I created a new bedroom. This will have to serve for quite awhile, as next week we will put the electrical into the Addition. Then I have to level out the floor and start the months long process of putting in an adobe floor...

But that's all for now. Off to Napa!

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