Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 169: Climate Change in 1956

Off to Paradise this morning to buy some Topo maps for the next backpacking trip (gotta start training for the bugger soon!). While there I dropped in to visit "The Abbey" and the Abbot there who will be joining me on this next trip.

Then home to more puttering about the property. A nap. And a couple of lazy dog walks.

I've been reading Joseph Wood Krutch lately. Last night I ran across this passage from The Voice of the Desert, written in 1956:

"Workers in several different sciences are becoming more and more convinced that both the north temperate and the arctic climates are growing milder. A minor evidence is the way in which certain animals and birds--notably the possum, the turkey buzzard and the cardinal are extending their range into New England".

So there we have it. In 1956! Krutch was ahead of his time!

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