Monday, June 14, 2010

Days 164 and 165: Scrub Jays and Dinner...

This blog is about getting outside. Under human power. Or human powered activities outside. It is done under the simple notion that most of us just don't get outside enough. It is a way for me to get out into the environment where I live. Where I work. Where I play.

So on day 164 I did something different. This hospital has a group of Western Jays (also called Scrub Jays) that flitter about everywhere. I decided to follow them around the campus just to watch them. See what they do. How they play. Where they hang out.

Easier said than done.

They move all over the place. But after awhile, they seemed to enjoy this simple game of "chase". After following one particular Jay around a bush, parking lot, rose garden---always a bit ahead of me, but seemingly enjoying the game and waiting for me to catch up--the Jay led me to a large oak tree. From there he was content to hang out in the tree. I was content to watch. We both had fun.

I've never followed one particular bird at length before. This is something I'm gonna add to my repertoire. Especially a bird like the Scrub Jay---that has the intelligence to "get it". To play along. To enjoy the chase.

Day 165 was a simple walk around Calistoga after meeting a couple Chico friends for dinner at a wonderful restaurant. The wine flowed. Great food with a presentation that made you feel guilty to eat it. California cuisine at its best! I walked around Calistoga afterwards, sobering up after a couple glasses of delicious wine.

Ah life! Such a grand life I have!

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