Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 152: Cohesion and Humility

Nice weather! Finally!

Back across the state of California; home to the girls---and a walk with my dog. During my walk, I came across this oak tree which has become interwoven to a Ponderosa pine. Two species co-existing. I'm sure the Ponderosa didn't ask the oak to become part of its existence. Nor did the oak plan to become bound, like a Siamese twin, to the Ponderosa.

Before I got in my car to drive home, I came across a huge, Pick up Truck with this anti-Obama bumper sticker:

Next to the Obama sticker, is this wonderful decal calling for the protection of wildlife and of the land:

Obama just might have a career ending disaster in NOT protecting the environment. He called for more off shore drilling, then when a spill occurred, he responded in a very tardy fashion. In this case, I have a whole lot more in common with the Pickup truck driver (who also displayed a Confederate flag) than I do with Mr. Harvard himself: Obama.

A week ago or so, it was reported to me that someone was shooting at Cougars on the Ridge. I've been told that I was wrong. That (just like the Pickup Truck above) the good people were trying to scare the Cougars away (hence protecting their livestock and family). They believe a Cougar is much too beautiful of an animal to kill.

I was wrong.

And I find myself having more in common with those who may not like my politics or world-view than I ever thought possible. Oaks and Ponderosas can share a Ridge!

Adaptation and Cohesion, evident in nature--also evident in people. Our common denominator? Love of this Ridge. This land. The critters who reside here. The Fauna we share our world with.

I am humbled and encouraged by this...

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