Monday, May 31, 2010

Days 149, 150, 151: Stair Stepping...

And now we train.

After work, I have discovered a lovely. uphill loop. This hospital is built on a side of a mountain. Adventists built wonderful paths up the mountain to where there is a collection of lovely, little cottages that the hospital owns. Back in the 1880's most of the hospital staff rented these houses from the hospital. That is still true today as the hospital still rents these houses out to employees (most of whom still in the Adventist fold).

You gotta hand it to the Adventists for pioneering many healthful innovations. Among them are: vegetarianism, the benefits of exercise, getting proper rest, abstinence from smoking and alcohol, getting outside into the sun and hydro therapy. In many ways, these passionate believers were way ahead of their time. And as a group, the Adventists outlive most everyone.

And I benefit from their hiking paths!

Since the next backpacking trip is some 45 days away, it is time to get ready for it. That means stair climbing. From behind my home away from home, there is a path with 104 stairs in it. Straight uphill. From there I wind around a couple of cottages and then take a meandering, overgrown path back down the hill to the hospital.

I made this circuit five times on Saturday. Seven times on Sunday. Nine times today.

When I return in two weeks, I will bring my pack and start lugging the thing up the hill. It seems silly to spend time on a "stair stepper" in a gym, when you can climb REAL stairs outside. With the benefits of listening to Scrub Jays cackling at me, fresh air and this beautiful hillside to enjoy.


Zeal said...

Missed you yesterday at Jennifer's graduation. Looking forward to seeing you this fall.

joven said...

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