Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125: Neo Nazis and Safety

I drove past this sign in Colusa, California. "Colonel Pete" is the Tea Party Candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2nd district in California. The seat is currently held by Crypto-Republican Wally Herger. Wally is famous for promoting acts of terrorism against the Government last summer. And Wally is also famous for never having met a tree he didn't want to cut down.

I guess that didn't satisfy the Tea Partiers (who couldn't find a more eager, lackey candidate in Wally Herger). The Tea Party Candidates I've seen wrap themselves in the flag. And since they haven't come out against the Arizona laws that are neo-Nazi in approach...I'm guessing this is where the American Fascist Movement is going (by the way, the Arizona law was written by white supremacists according to Rachal Maddow). Colonel Pete (with his goose stepping militarism) is a case in point.

Although I was wrong about the Car Bomb Guy being a Tea Partier (please accept my apologies!). I still think that tortured young man did have a psychotic break though. His bizarre and erratic behavior (and where did the wife go?) seems to warrant such an assessment. Fear of the sun. Quit his job. Seclusion from friends and family. I'm thinking he has a major psychiatric diagnosis.

Angel and I took a walk when I got home. Oh, how good to be home! To listen to the wind blowing through the Ponderosa Pines at sunset. I didn't realize how much pressure I've been under this last week. I feel relaxed. Home!

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