Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 126: Mountain Lions! Oh my!

My first day back on the Ridge. Delightful! Angel and I took numerous walks today...

The big news is that our neighbors, who have some alpacas, have been visited by mountain lions. It seems that these herd animals (who are the "in" thing right now) are attracting the cougars. They report having seen three of them scoping out the alpacas in the late evening. Three? That would be highly unusual, unless they saw a mom and her cubs. I have also read that juveniles will hunt together for awhile after leaving their mother.

Allan's note: I've been informed that the neighbors used their guns to frighten the mountain lions away. A reasonable thing to do. These folks have a great love for our wildlife. It is always difficult to combine domestic animals with large predators. A tricky thing to do--to live a life that honors both.

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joni said...

More like shoot, hang it's skin up and brag on it....or leave it to the vultures and brag on it anyway...not even an awareness that what they're doing is wrong, shameful or inappropriate in any way. 'It's just what we do with vermin here.'