Monday, May 3, 2010

Days 121, 122, 123: Lazy and In Praise of Obama

Frankly, work has been exhausting the past few days. I've only been able to summon the energy to go and watch a sunset or two. Mostly I slink back to my room and open a bottle of Vino. Watch TV. Read.

A total waste of nearly perfect weather.

I've decided to cut back from six days of work every two weeks to five days of work every two weeks. Gives me nine days off every two weeks for the summer. Can't beat that schedule.

A quick word in praise of Obama. On Sunday, Obama chose to go view the disaster in the Gulf. He probably should have visited the area sooner, but Obama doesn't really strike me as much of a naturalist. I've never even seen him in a flannel shirt. And I don't think Michelle and our President have ever gone camping.

So why praise Obama for going to the Gulf? Because he could have went to New York in order to praise the police officers who alertly cleared out Times Square from a smoking car. I know George Bush would have gone for the "We foiled the Terrorists yet again" rather than viewing the wholesale death of an ecosystem.

Obama chose correctly.

The Gulf is way more important than the ineptly built car bomb (which I think, will probably be traced back to some Tea Partier who has had a bit of a psychotic break). The Tea Partiers finally have their Ted Kozinski! Every fringe group needs their resident, violent crazy Feller.

This disaster in the Gulf will, hopefully, inspire real change to break the oil addiction. A good start would be a total end to off shore drilling.


Woodswalker said...

One can always hope.

lph said...


I hope you are right. However the first CNN poll I saw suggests that 57% of Americans still want to continue to drill offshore. I hope I am wrong, but I feel as if we will never learn...that we will not address our oil addiction until it is much too late. Until we are stuck in the world of "The Road Warrior."

This latest spill is so very sad as early evidence suggests that BP put several millions of dollars into a lobbying effort to eliminate the requirement of a $500,000 automatic shut-off valve. And now I see their CEO is blaming the company they sub-contracted their work too.

There is a lot of blame to go around on this one...and the consistent pursuit of cheap oil is near the top.

Take care...and may the environment survive this one.


greentangle said...

I think Obama is more concerned about the threat to his desire to expand offshore drilling than he is about the threat to the ecosystem.