Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 142: Mud and Rand...

Another day and more mud work. I count this as "human powered activities" because it is strenuous and I do most of it outside (as I wrote yesterday). I'm pleased with the progress of this Hobbit House. See my other blog for more information.

And Rand Paul. Poor guy! I didn't know he was going to get into so much trouble when I wrote that little thing about the Republican Nominee being named after Ayn Rand. Joni tells me that his name was "Randall", but he shortened it to "Rand" in honor of his heroine: Ayn Rand.

Alexander Cockburn has an interesting piece in Counterpunch regarding Rand Paul's antics. From a Left Wing point of view, he sees Rand Paul as being the best choice in Kentucky. He goes on to comment on what Libertarians and Lefties have in common.

I'm not sure I agree with Cockburn; although Rand Paul clearly isn't a racist--his love of human owned property rights certainly (and quickly) leads to those segregated lunch counters. Don't think that could ever happen again in the United States? I have one word for you: Arizona!

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