Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173: Mariposas, Brodiaea and McChyrstal

A long summer's walk with Angel. Admiring the Mariposa lilies, the brodiaea (two varieties) and enjoying the day.

I took the day off from building and toiling. I did take the time to read the Rolling Stone article that has everyone so stirred up. Nice to see Hunter Thompson's old stomping grounds pulling off a scoop like this.

Yes, there are some nasty things said in the article. But that misses the point. The intention of the Rolling Stone piece is to look at the controversy about trying to pull off McChrystal's form of counter insurgency. Within the piece, you have soldiers asking for permission to shoot more people. You also get a glimpse into this particular counter insurgency campaign that not only embeds our troops within the Afghan population, but also leads to nation building. This is a long term, expensive and risky policy.

Or as I told Joni, Afghan kids are getting bussed to school---while our local school closed down the bus line that picks up Kylie and Jazzy.

That ain't right.

Poor Obama. The guy calls for more off shore drilling and he gets the worst oil spill in history two weeks later. Mother Jones and Alexander Cockburn raise the possibility that this spill may NEVER be stopped. It could potentially still be leaking oil when Obama runs again in 2012. Obama's presidency hangs by the efforts to stop the spill.

And now this.

Obama goes with McCrystal's counter insurgency policy after stopping for two months to study the issue last fall. Now McChrystal becomes snarky on Obama. Although that isn't surprising: McChrystal is just participating in the group think of Obama hatred prevalent within the military. They don't want anything that, even potentially, upsets the empire.

Obama, too often, backs the wrong horse. I think the universe is telling him to change directions. Pull out of Afghanistan. Stop off shore drilling. Quit listening solely to corporate and military interests. Change direction!

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