Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Apricot Tree Blooms

We noticed it yesterday: our apricot tree is blooming. On February 4. In 2009, the tree bloomed on March 12. That year was also a year that it bloomed early. We didn't get any apricots that year because a freeze came along and killed the fruit. The same will probably happen this year.

Our neighbors are all complaining that their fruit trees are blooming too. An exceptionally warm January has a gotten all the plants out of whack. Climate change? Probably. The danger is as mentioned: that a cold spell will kill all the fruit. Plus I haven't seen a single bee pollinating the flowers. The bees are absent.

A good day. Near 70 degrees, both Joni and I went to our favorite outfitter store and bought new hiking boots. Yes, the old ones will be retired. I'll try out the new ones tomorrow as we are going to take a family hike down to the bottom of the canyon.

Tonight we had a camp fire. Roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. We looked at the stars and had a glass of wine. All in the first week of February?

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