Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had originally intended to traverse off to the Napa Valley to be medically cleared to go back to work. Then a snowstorm descended on California, so I decided to stay home and enjoy this winter wonderland. The wood stove keeps us snug.

The dogs flushed out a covey of quail. Great fun for them. We also had a coyote pass through. The coyote stopped and looked at us. The dogs and I looked back. Domesticated canines and wild canine looked at each other. I asked the coyote to please leave our chicken alone.

The coyote left. Scampered off in that beautiful fashion they have. Quick. Lithe.

Then we flushed out a jackrabbit ahead of us. Dogs pulling at the leash. Hopefully the jackrabbits are abundant enough to feed the coyote.

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