Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Again...

Freezing rain last night which turned to snow. I worried a bit about our roof--as there was quite a bit of ice on it. The roof didn't fall.

Kylie made a rather dapper snowperson.

This was a sit-by-the-wood-stove-in-the-Lazy-Boy-and-watch-Book-TV sort of day. A favorite weekend ritual for me. Of course, this makes me very unpopular with the nine and ten year olds in the house. They would rather play with the Wii or find out what iCarly is up to. I'm thinking we are one of the few households in the US that has only one TV set. Negotiations on who gets to watch what are as pressured as the SALT talks were. Cases are pled. Arbitration done.

When I used to go to Green Party meetings in Nevada, we made all decisions by consensus. Party members would pass the "talking stick" around, while we each discussed what sort of things we needed to talk about. This was in 2000; we were ineffectual, and thankfully, Nevada went for Gore that year. I think Nader got around 2 percent of the vote (we wanted 5 percent).

But that's how the television issue is decided in this household: consensus. Learning to share. When we get the loft done (someday in the distant future), we might designate a "kid only" TV. Maybe not. I like how we make these decisions now.

In the next decade, when oil is on the downward slope of production, I'd like to think that exercises in sharing one coveted item just might pass along a few skills to these youngsters. It is a good exercise for the adults of the household too.

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