Friday, February 4, 2011

Sutter Butte View

Joni, looking out over the Sacramento Valley, with the sacred "Sutter Buttes" rising up above the valley fog.

On the edge of our canyon (everyone should have a canyon of their own)...

Take a short fifteen minute walk out our front door, and you come to a promontory where views of the Coastal Range mountains and the Sacramento Valley greet your eyes. The valley, the mountains, the Sutter Buttes are always there. Waiting for us. All we need do is take the time to enjoy them.

This Joni and I did this morning. Dogs got to romp. We got to walk. The usual adventure: Angel found something smelly to roll in. The neighbor dog joined us. We did our three mile loop at a slow pace; took breaks to enjoy the views.

I'd rather live in beauty in the country and visit the city once and awhile then vice versa.

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