Monday, July 20, 2009

Walk #200: Hot on the Ridge...

After five hours of sleep (half of those hours spent on the floor of the Monastic Dorm, sleeping directly under the relief of the air conditioner), I work yet another shift. A bit half lidded, but full of caffeine, I drive the three plus hours back to our Homestead.

I find Joni and the girls wilting in the heat. 109 degrees today. We refill the cooler above with ice water every other day. Ice water is the preferred beverage on the ridge in the summer.

My dog joined me (not the girls) for an hour walk.

Did I mention that it is hot here in the Foothills? This was our sixth day in a row of 100 plus degree heat. We cool ourselves naturally, as we don't have an air conditioner. We take trips to the swimming hole and the swimming pool. Lazy afternoons. The later evening brings blessed relief with a cool breeze that starts around Ten pm.

We leave the doors open at night. We hope that the bears will skip our abode on their nightly rounds. Angel stands guard. I sleep outside, on the deck--under the stars.

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