Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walks #194 and #195: Delightful Evenings...

Getting behind on these reports...

After having spent almost all waking hours for two days on a locked unit, I took a nap, and then escaped to Calistoga. I took a delightful walk through town, and then celebrated by having a burger at Brannon's.

Yesterday I worked yet another overtime shift, and then drove home. Took another delightful walk with my dog.

Good to be home!


Ian Woofenden said...

Does a burger negate a walk? ;-)

It sounds like me eating salad with chicken for lunch and then having ice cream as a reward for eating well...

I did the bike/bus trip to Mount Vernon today.
20.33 miles
9.68 mph average
28.94 mph max

Actually, my odometer is now off 0.04 miles the other way, so my actual mileage is about 21.

I was hauling a pretty big load, with my computer pack, lunch, and 12 pounds of salt for the upcoming cowhides (speaking of burgers...).

One of these days I'm going to follow through on my plan to design and build a basket that converts to a flat bed for the back of my bike, to hold all the gear easily.

Allan Stellar said...

Does a burger negate a walk? I always liked the scene in Body Heat where the character played by William Hurt finishes a run--and then lights up a cigarette. :)

Never trust someone who is totally consistent. That's my motto...