Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walk #202: Pre Lawyering

Joni and I drove down to the Napa Valley. Visited Calistoga (where we used to live). While the girls visited with some of their old friends, Joni and I walked the downtown. A lovely experience for us. We stopped into the bookstore (my intention was to buy Ian's book). The book was gone (yeah Ian!). Instead I bought Michael Pollan's book on building a cabin.

We are in the Napa Valley to do some "settlement" issues. Nothing could make a person feel more unsettled.

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Ian Woofenden said...

Hey Allan,

Thinking about you guys, and dreaming of the best outcome...

Again, I was only a small contributor, but hope you will buy _Dan's_ book. Mine will be out for Christmas.

Yesterday I did a pretty typical 12-ish miles, but the last quarter was up "The Mountain" to Randy's place, which was a real workout.
11.54 miles
9.26 mph average
35.49 mph max

The max was coasting down Veals' Hill into the valley.