Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 278: Time Flies

I'm in the Napa Valley for a couple of days. Getting used to my new job and a new schedule. Took a walk last night after work. Took another short one this morning, just to stretch my legs and enjoy the cold, brisk morning.

The seasons just seem to fly on by the older you get. Time flies. From a 10 year old's perspective, a couple of months might as well be a couple of years; from a 50 year old's perspective, a couple of years might as well be a couple of months.

I hope reincarnation is a reality. "One life at a time", Ed Abbey and Thoreau used to say. True. But one life ain't enough. I'd rather be stuck on the Hindu "wheel of 84" than head on up to some astral realm. I'm sure that realm is great (if it exists), but if that is the case, why bother with having this material existence? The New Agers state we are here to learn lessons; to have our souls learn something. So they focus on returning to a realm that they don't know exists but forget to learn to know the flowers. Or much of anything else.

Give me flowers over eternity. Give me good hard earth under my feet. Give me the discomfort of an upper respiratory infection. Give me conflict, loss, failure, betrayal. These things are all good. Why? Cause at least you know you are alive and kicking for another day.

Take a walk today. Learn a flower. Identify a new tree. Breathe in this sacred air. Love!


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Allan,
Right on! Someone was talking at me today about god and had I been saved, and I just thought of the mountains and being amongst the trees, river and tussock tops is all the saving I need.

Allan Stellar said...


Perhaps it is the trees, hills and mountains that need the saving?

Wish I knew what a tussock top was? :)