Friday, October 8, 2010

Days 279-281: Voting and Being Outside

Got my ballot in the mail, filled it out, put a stamp on it and will mail it today. California has "vote by mail" which is quite an excellent thing. Half of all voters vote this way. Hopefully this easy access will prevent the more regressive elements in our society from carrying the day in California. Maybe?

I went conventional and voted for the Dems in the big elections: Barbara Boxer for Senate; Jerry Brown for Governor. I voted Yes on the State Parks initiative. Voted against Prop 23 that seeks to overturn California's Global Warming law.

But when it comes to the small State wide offices, I always vote Green. Gotta encourage them somehow (for being on the cutting edge of history). Gotta reward them for asking the right questions and having the right values.

As for being outside? Just some dog walks, as Joni has been ill.

I swiped the Green thing above from Albert Bates. Albert has the world view of the Green Apocalypse--much in evidence in his most recent blog post.

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