Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 291: Rush and the Nanny Corporation

Drove to work across California this morning. Along the way I listened to His Heftiness: Rush Limbaugh. Of course he is gloating about some recent polls that put the Republicans way, way ahead. Jabba da Rush fully expects that the Republicans will get 75 to 80 seats in the House of Representatives.

Several callers also commented on Michelle Obama's weight gain. Now I've only seen snippets of Michelle lately; she always looks quite beautiful! We should be proud to have such a classy First Lady. And she did put in that garden at the White House.

Well, several women callers (sounding catty) commented that Michelle has become quite fat. They then went on to state that Michelle shouldn't call for an end to child obesity until Michelle takes off her recent weight gain. The just of the matter is that We-don't-want-Government-to-tell-us-how-to-live. They hate the Nanny State.

Of course this is all plain and simple bullcrap. Part of Government's function under the preamble of the Constitution is to "promote the general welfare". Public information campaigns, health campaigns and the like, work. We get plenty of unhealthy campaigns from corporate advertising (but nobody on the Right Side of the Aisle complains about the Nanny Corporation). Where are the healthy campaigns going to come from if not from Government? And since we pay for healthcare for millions of Americans (Medicare and Medicaid), the Government does have a vested interest in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Rush's hatred of Obama borders on being pathological. He really believes that Obama has some secret Socialist agenda. He states that after the election Obama won't move to the center. Rush feels Obama is too ideological for that. Let's hope so.

Took a walk with the patients today. A beautiful day in the Napa Valley. Daily walks are a central component of our program greatly appreciated by the Clients. Usually we walk out an old wagon road to take a look at a creek (which is dried up right now).


Slatts1962 said...

Allan- You hit the nail on the head, Rush Limbaugh is pathological in every since of the word. His radio show is a rusted vehicle of delusion that incites fear and hatred amongst his rabid, flag-waving, predominantly white listeners.

With a huge assist from false prophets like Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Beck, and Palin (and a struggling economy), the Republican Party has riled up their Tea Party base with a steady torrent of outright lies, bigotry and pseudo-patriotism.

Good post, as always!


Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing much difference between your views and Rush's. Both seem pompous and extreme and full of hatred and judgement to me.