Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 290: Rain...

Raining today---just a one day event. Puts us on notice that we are headed into another rainy season unprepared. We had a reminder of rain in the middle of September, but this is the first real rain we've had since the first week of June. We've begun that unavoidable slide into winter. I'm tempted to hop in the car and live in a tent outside of Tuscon.

I've been puttering around the yard. Joni has been doing some clay slip work. We have a herd of girls visiting. Spending the weekend. Good girls who love to be outside working on a variety of "forts" around the property.

I walked the dogs. Puttered in the yard. Tomorrow the rain should clear out all the dust and dirt in the air so that when I drive to work, I just might catch a glimpse of Mt Shasta. For sure I will see Mt. Lassen. Onward!

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