Saturday, October 16, 2010

Days 288 and 289: Ecotopia...

I'm writing this on Joni's old Laptop. Kylie decided to take a gander at downloading some music (unbeknownst to me) and managed to crash our old Gateway with a virus. A really nasty bug that made it so that our internet program would automatically open (even while doing other stuff) and the next thing you know, you have been whooshed off to a site not very appropriate for a ten year old. And then you couldn't leave the site!

So the computer is in the shop. I'm typing this on a Lap Top that likes to put the words in randomly. Look away from the screen and I find myself typing words into the last paragraph. Quite frustrating!

I've been living by the Four Hour Rule these last couple of days. The weather is near perfect. I saw a new bird (some sort of Flicker) that flies in a swooping sort of fashion. Beautiful!

And I finally read Ecotopia by Callenbach. What an amazing novel! Published in 1975, it was so far ahead of its time. Reading this grand book, I couldn't help think that Joni and I are living the values that Callenbach so wonderfully expressed back in the age of Ford (the President).

Forget the Tea Party, which gets all the attention---if you really want to see a real Grassroots movement, head down to your Farmers' Market. These are the true American Patriots!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I enjoyed Ecotopia too -- have read it more than once.

And I think that the best of the Tea Partyers are supporting the rights of the Farmers Marketers to sell their produce freely...


Allan Stellar said...

Good to hear from you Ian!