Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Days 286 and 287: Four Hours a Day...

One of my work colleagues put up this poster at work. The photo didn't really turn out. The caption says: "Allan Stellar meets John Muir on the Appalachian Trail. Where's the action?"

Work places in my line of business are healthiest when there is a sense of humor present...

Okay. New goal. Drove home yesterday, traipsing in the door at 1:30 am. Since I'm finally feeling well, I decided it is time to get some work done around here.

Scott and Helen Nearing lived very segmented, disciplined lives. Of course they wrote the bible when it comes to hippy dippy "back to the land" types when they authored The Good Life. They broke the day into four hour segments: one of the four hour segments consisted of doing work on their homestead. Six days a week they lived by that rule; they took one day off as a day of rest.

Since I can wile away a day easily by watching clouds or contemplating my navel, it would be good for me to adopt such a rule.

So here it is.

When I am home and don't have any guests or an illness, I will work four hours a day on improving this bit of planet that I live on. Most of the work will be done outside.

So that is what I did today. I'm getting one of our tiers ready to be transformed into a garden. And also since my friend Mark is coming next week (he is a very talented gardener), I'm trying to get this place looking a bit better in the hopes that he won't turn around and catch the next flight back to Minnesota.

I spent four hours today weed whacking and hauling old crusty, moldy straw into a compost pile.


lph said...


That's a great plan. But what if a walk gets in the way. Or a bottle of wine. Or a grouchy neighbor. You get the drift.

I live vicariously though you out here in Wisconsin. If you start working so consistently then I won't be able to dream quite as much about being footloose and fancy free:)

I advise you to sit down and think hard about this radically plan of yours.

Allan Stellar said...

No worries Larry!

When I'm at my most industrious I still can't fathom that the temptations of a walk or a bottle (or two) of wine would not lead me to my normal, slothful, non-productive self. :)

Four hours still leaves 12 waking hours for other activities.

And my friend Mark and I are heading off to summit Sawmill Peak next week...

But thanks for the complement. :)

By the way, you inspire me with your running....