Friday, January 28, 2011


Woke up, turned on the TV only to find that Egypt is in open revolt. I watched the images for awhile--amazed at the protesters pushing towards lines of billy club wielding security forces. You have to feel pretty strongly about something to stand up to men with clubs and shields, and, I'm sure, more fire power to come. I had to turn the TV off when it was announced the Army was mobilized.

Time for a tranquil walk.

The dogs and I headed out to make the rounds of our Ridge. Still T-shirt weather here. The sun gracing us with its presence. When I get beyond the smaller parcels, I let the dogs romp. They run and chase each other, fully enjoying their ability to move about. Movement. A simple joy. Like the dogs, we are creatures who must roam about. It's in our DNA. It makes us happy. Show me a person who can't move and I'll show you an unhappy person.

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