Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Third Year?

Yeah, why not.

It snowed here this morning. Got up to a couple of inches which still graces the ground, although slushier, as I type this. Spent part of the day outside attempting to split some wood. This is a thing I'm gonna have to improve at (and part of the reason why I bought this cabin in the first place).

Even with temps in the low 20's--the cabin remains warm. 63 degrees is plenty warm. Downright balmy. Anything above that seems decadently too warm. Hot.

So let's think a bit about this year? What to accomplish? What goals to obtain. Here are a few thoughts, in no apparent order:

1. See a California Condor.

2. Take a 100 plus mile solo backpacking trip.

3. Climb Halfdome (Larry, you hear me?).

4. Do the segment of the PCT between Truckee and Hwy 70.

5. Bright Angel Trail--and maybe rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon.

6. Walk from my house to Magalia, up and over Sawmill Peak.

7. Visit Ed Abbey's fire lookout in Lassen National Park. Ed wrote 75% of Desert Solitaire there back in 1967.

And a couple of other goals for the year:

1. Finish this damned house!

2. Take a trip back to Minnesota.

3. Don't eat in a restaurant that doesn't have a knife in its kitchen. No corporate microwaved tasteless Burger King, Chilli's, Applebees, McDonalds or any other chain. Let all the restaurants I eat in have a grill, fresh food and workers who actually cut things up with a knife.

That about does it. Other goals will be improvised along the way. And thanks for dropping by.

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Woodswalker said...

I'm glad to be able to share your continuing journey through your always interesting blog. Good luck with all your goals, and enjoy your cozy warm house. Happy New Year!