Friday, January 21, 2011

Road Trip?

Another beautiful day. High 60's. Sunny. This has been a delightful January. Took a short walk before going to the doctor to fill out disability and "leave of absence" forms. Got more drugs too.

I miss being able to post a photo or two. Time to get the old dinosaur Gateway fixed. I'm also thinking about buying a laptop, as I'll be taking a road trip in the next week or two. I'd like to be able to post photos along the way. And I'm thinking of looking for Ed Abbey's house in Tucson. Might have to drop by the memorial for Gabby too.


lph said...


Figured this might fight into your (possible canyon hike) and the book on walking you mentioned in the last post.

I am reading Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked Through Time." It was published in 1967 and documents his south to north thru hike of the Grand Canyon. He says he is the first to do it. It's a good read...I found it for .25c.

Previous to this hike he also took a 1000 mile stroll across the desert and into the high Sierra (today's PCT maybe?)

Fletcher also wrote "The Complete Walker." So maybe this Welshman is indeed a famous walker.

Take care of those ribs...

Allan Stellar said...

Aren't used bookstores great? Or garage sales? I'll take a peek at that book Larry...

Half Dome 2011!