Sunday, January 9, 2011


Been laid up all week. While in San Francisco last Wednesday, a muscle bound, weight lifter friend whom I haven't seen for a year--as a way of macho testosterone greeting-- decided to corral me and lift me up. He grabbed me around the ribs, squeezed as hard as he could and hoisted me up.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

My ribs are vulnerable; been broken multiple times, always work related--- wrestling with agitated clients. The first time I broke them was in a "take down" back in the 90's. I reinjured them in another take down a year later. Then I broke them again attempting to subdue a patient back in 2007.

So I've been trying to be immobile. Yes, it is tough to lie in the Lazy Boy. Somebody has to do it. These injuries usually take a month to heal. This episode seems a bit worse though (Joni says I always say that when I hurt my ribs).

We are off to a shaky start for the year...

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