Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neighbors, Obama and Wood

Sitting next to my wonderful wood stove, flames glimmering, watching Obama give one of the most compassionate and inspiring speeches I have ever heard--I can't help but be a bit soft hearted. You'd have to have a heart of stone to be concerned about Obama's birth place, or his supposed socialism, after hearing Obama give such a heart felt, real and humbling memorial.

Obama's Presidency has been way under-rated up until today. Today we saw what Obama's Presidency is about. In contrast, John Boehner went to a fund raising cocktail party back in Washington rather than accept the invitation to appear as a united country in Tucson, Arizona.

Obama won the 2012 election tonight.

I'm off work for five to six weeks. I'll be on disability and won't be let back on the unit until my rib is healed. Some young neighbors who live down the road, brought their chain saw over to dispatch some more wood for us (in addition to some wood we have that is wet). This young couple wanted us to have some drier wood, so they came over to help. Tomorrow they are going to bring their wood splitter over so that I don't have to split the new dry wood with a broken rib.

Isn't this what life is about? Helping each other? The State will help me out with disability pay until I can resume my job; the neighbors helped out because they knew our wood supply was wet and could use some drier wood (and they knew I had a fractured rib).

That is the spirit of Liberalism: making the path easier for all of us. Working together. Obama displayed that Liberal vision at its very, very best tonight. Hasn't anybody else noticed just how classy the guy is? Taking the scorn from folks who call him a Kenyan and much, much worse.

I'm proud of him.


greentangle said...

Haven't been here for awhile so just read about your ribs. Have a good rest while you have the chance.

Didn't hear Obama. I don't have any enthusiasm about his presidency other than preferring it to the only viable option, but I think a lot of the current population considers "classy" a disqualification. They don't want anyone better than them running things.

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Green....

Obama? Yes, I know...but?