Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 69 and 70: Wilderness on the Cheap...

Back across California last night to our little off grid home. I stepped outside after dark to admire the stars. Been awhile since I've taken the time to admire them. A reminder of why I live out here: the beauty of the stars! Joni gave me my birthday present: a topographical mapbook of our Plumas National Forest.

Our little section of the northern Sierra doesn't get a whole lot of visitors. The Pacific Crest Trail is about ten miles from where I type this. All the guide books state that this section is best done quickly. They say it is boring; filled with rattlesnakes and it doesn't have enough water. The peaks aren't high enough; the views not dramatic enough. We can't compete with Tahoe or the John Muir Trail.

So what? It is still wilderness and I can't wait to explore the area with my new topo maps! We can afford to live here because nobody wants to come here. Wilderness on the cheap! A poor man's Yosemite!

Today Angel and I (plus Grady, the neighbor's dog) hiked halfways down the canyon. A fine day!

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