Monday, March 15, 2010

Days 71 to 74: Busy Days and the Buffalo Commons

Been busy these past few days. First off, fighting a virus that has lodged in my lungs, reluctant to let me out of its grasp.

And then the rain finally decided to give us a reprieve. I promised the girls that they would have their own bedroom by Sept. 1---so I've begun with new vigor on the house.

So there have just been a few small daily dog walks.

I did manage to read Steven Rinella's "American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon". This Outside Magazine contributor (and quite a youngter) writes the book from the perspective of hunting a Buffalo in Alaska. I'm not much into hunting---but I found the book to be a good read.

Rinella does pooh pooh the "Buffalo Commons" notion--essentially calling it impracticle. Curious that the leading Kansas City newspaper called for a creation of a massive Buffalo Commons National Park last November. This isn't such a kooky idea anymore.

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