Monday, March 8, 2010

Days 65 and 66: Turning 49....

Here I am in the Napa Valley. Working. And taking a couple walks after work. One around St. Helena, before buying some soup and retiring to my room.

The next day (my birthday) around Calistoga with two comrades. But first dinner: crab cakes, a salad, a hanger steak followed by the best lava torte in California. And don't forget the wine. A bottle of Bennett Lane's "Maximus" and a couple glasses of an "old vine" Zinfandel.

The walk afterwards was a bit bloated.

And so the 49th birthday is reached and overcome. Time sure does go fast...

After the walk, I got back to my room in time to watch "The Cove" win the Oscar for best documentary. Hurrah! As with all things political with the Oscars, they made sure that the camera angle cut away from the banner that they unfurled on stage. And they were quickly whisked away before they said something untoward against Japanese whaling and the butchering of dolphins.

Still, winning the Oscar is a good thing.


Woodswalker said...

Happy Birthday, Alan! Sounds like you had a good time. But I have a question: What good does it do to win an Oscar when there's never any place to see the movie?

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Woods!

The Cove is available on DVD. I rented it from a video store. Just ask for it at a rental store---and promote the thing. Give it a look see; I think you will find this to be a highly disturbing and very important film.