Friday, March 26, 2010

Days 79 to 85: Manics, Friends, Ribs and Flowers...

The Blogger Gods might be angry. This is the longest time I have neglected this self-absorbed exercise in ourdoorliness.

With good reason.

I managed to bust another rib while moving into my room at the hospital. My ribs are vulnerable, having broken them three times in the past. Busted ribs are more annoying than anything. Painful.

I worked through the pain, wrestling with a few patients. It is manic season in the psychiatric world. Season changes tip bipolars into their manic phases. The moon might influence behavior; but I know the seasons have more of an effect! Working the last week was like being locked up in a room with 20 folks who have the combined personalities of Beetlejuice and Robin Williams.


So all I had the energy to do after work was to go to the library, go to the grocery store and go to my room. Except for one delightful dinner out with some friends I haven't seen for twenty five years. Thanks Tina, William, Jim and Inga!

Back to the Cabin on Wednesday. Slept yesterday (nearly all day). Today Angel and I took our walk.


The Lillies are blooming!


Shooting Stars!

It is good to be home for the next week!!

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