Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Days 67 and 68: Homesickness and Che'

Just a couple of brief walks after work these past two days. My legs are tired. The weather is dreadful. And I am homesick.

Enough said.

Instead of doing five days in a row, I now do six. In an act of rebellion, perhaps spurred on by my homesickness (and the total lack of humor that my workplace has exhibited over the last year or so), I left a large photo of Che Guevara on the screen of my computer in the nurses station. A greeting and a gift for the oncoming shift.

I think I will make this a theme and leave photos of Ed Abbey, John Muir, H.D. Thoreau, Fidel, Trotsky, Eugene Debs, Izzy Stone and other heroes as a desktop gift for the next shift. That should confuse those staid psychiatric nurses.


lph said...

Now this is the Allan I've grown to know over the past year...back to your antagonizing ways. It won't take them a really long time to figure who it is will they?


Allan Stellar said...

Hey Larry,

I left a photo of Ed Abbey on the computer yesterday. Not that anybody knew who Cactus Ed is (was). :)