Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Days 61 and 62: Not Fair...

I'm nursing a cold. As such, I've just had a few "comfort" walks with Angel the dog. Raining yesterday.

This morning we watched it snow. Kylie had to get on the phone (at 7:45 am) to notify all her school friends that: "It's snowing up here!". Snow brings glee to a ten year old.

Not so for a man on the cusp of his forty-ninth birthday. Especially such a man with a cold.

While trying to stay warm and keeping my feet dry, I've been watching plenty of the news channels. Watching the agendas of the corporations via CNN and MSNBC. I can't stomach Fox, although even the newsheads at CNN (and less so MSNBC) are giving me dyspepsia.

One question: Why don't they ever cover anyone who wants to reduce the military budget? Why don't they talk to anyone who would close down the hundreds and hundreds of foreign military bases? Doesn't anybody want to talk about the elephant in the room?

Every once and awhile you can catch a glimpse of an alternative vision on the major networks. Ron Paul makes appearances. Michael Moore. Maybe Dennis Kucinich. They aren't really taken seriously. Good people all of them but most of the time they are brought out 1. because they have to (as when Ron Paul wins a strawvote at some conservative convention); or 2. to look like they are broadening the dialogue in a safe manner. Michael Moore might get an hour on Larry King when he has a new movie out. But mostly the three acceptable critics of Empire are presented like they are the Larry, Moe and Curly of political buffoonedness.

Thanks heavens for Democracy Now! on both Link TV and Free Speech TV. These two channels remain the only sane news outlets in Cabledom.