Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 189: An "Off Grid" Home

Morning chores. All done outside (the way I like it).

Hard to leave this place to go to work for five days. Just being outside moving this and grunting with that is a treat. Birds sing everywhere. Jack rabbits wander by. Turkey vultures circle above (keeping an eye on us?). In the evenings, we sit on the couch above and watch the stars slowly emerge. Later in the evening, a breeze rushes down from the mountains, with the sound of the wind through the Ponderosa. God's air conditioner: the temperature perfect.

Yes, it is hard to leave this place. But the Napa Valley has its own charms.


Tim Koppenhaver said...

And an American flag on the front porch. A nice touch to a nice place. Looks like all your hard work has paid off. Congrats.

Woodswalker said...

To be happy with what you have is to be a wealthy person. Sounds like you are a very rich man.

Allan Stellar said...

I was wondering if anybody would notice I was draping our place with a flag. :)