Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 190: Baseball...

Slept last night in Springer's backyard under the stars. The Monastic Dorm was full and I couldn't get a room. Springer obliged me with a place to throw my sleeping bag down.

Summer in Napa. The fog rolls in off of San Pablo bay, cooling the place. After work, I went and enjoyed watching Springer's son play baseball. A fine team, and a fine game. Springer's son pitched his heart out.

Best organised outdoors sport? Far and away it is baseball for me. The beauty. The grass. The sound of the baseball hitting the catcher's mitt.

Golf is for the rich. Soccer is silly. Hockey is soccer with ice and fights. Football (American style) is barbaric. Tennis is boring. Baseball combines speed with strategy; coordination with finesse'. Sprawling fields. Hot dogs. Beer. Tradition. The best sport of all.


Zeal said...

I can't make it through a full baseball game, but I love watching soccer. Give the world cup games a shot this weekend!

Brandi said...

I can watch baseball in person (and I have a ticket package for our local minor league team), but far and away my favorite is hockey. It's not nearly as boring as soccer and yes, there are fights, but I kinda like them!

Allan Stellar said...


I wasn't able to watch the World Cup as I was working. I did steal a glimpse now and then. Now I have to wait another four years.


Welcome. Hockey? I'm too old to see where the heck the puck is... :)