Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 208: Aftermath...

The Duct Tape worked! The shoe held together pretty well, despite multiple stream crossings, 5,000 feet in elevation gain and one long, long day on the trail. We shall try to eke out one more trip out of these boots.

I am hobbling about the property today though. I've got a ferocious blister on the little toe of the foot that went into the Non Duct Taped shoe. Twenty three miles in one day would probably do that to any innocent foot.

Aftermath of the trip? I feel good. I have a sense of well being. Accomplishment. Getting to know a few of the Thru Hikers on the trail introduced me to a whole new sub-culture. And I've discovered that my backyard is quite beautiful.

I think sometimes people are scared to head out into the woods because they feel they have to be in perfect shape to take on such a project. I'm living proof that you can be portly, out of shape, nearing fifty years of age and still carry off a fifty miler. Let your own desire do the distance for you.

Off to Napa...

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Zeal said...

Looks like the hike was a lot of fun. I look forward to the Appalachian Trail.