Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 201: Duct Tape...

On a hot July day, Angel and I head out for an hour-long, noon time walk. All the long grasses are dry and brown. We are in the hot days of summer. Amazing how fast time travels. This is day number two hundred, and it just seems like yesterday that I was making the decision to continue this blog for another year.

This blog does get me outside (which is its purpose). After some 566 days now, I think this having some daily time outside has become a habit. An addiction. A good thing.

And I used shoe goo and duct tape to fix my hiking boots. We hope to get two more long trips out of these things before retiring them to the scrap heap of pedal history.

The soles are falling off. Hopefully the glue will fix it. Just in case, I shall bring a pair of tennies for backup on the backpacking trip.

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