Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 207: Close to Soldier Creek to St. Bernard Lodge

The last day. We hiked down to Highway 36. Around five or six miles when all is said and done.

That is one tired, dirty, stinky Allan.

St. Bernard's Lodge was closed. Happily for us, they decided to cook us breakfast. We feasted on pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, country potatoes and coffee. Excellent! And they were very, very kind to serve three really stinky patrons.

I'd read that this section of the Pacific Crest Trail is ugly. Boring. It is nothing of the sort. We only met Through Hikers the entire time on the trail. It astounds me that locals don't use this precious and wonderful hiking trail that is, literally, in our backyard.

This was a fun, fun trip. A great adventure. My friends were tolerant of the California miniature humming birds. They gamely carried water and made the best of a very strenuous hike. Thanks guys!


greentangle said...

Congrats, Allan. Sounds like a great time. I'm going to call the bat my favorite part. ;-)

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Green. That was the first time an unwelcome creature ever crawled into a sleeping bag with me. Tis nearly enough for me to give up "Cowboy Camping"... :)

Woodswalker said...

That was quite a trip, Allan! So many adventures! Glad you made it home safely and with much satisfaction.

lph said...

Well done Allan! It looks like it was a great trip, and I agree with Greentangle on the bat. Now that is a classic story.

It looks like you are good and ready for JMT right?


Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Woods...yes, we had fun!

Hey Larry...ready for the JMT---I gotta lose about sixty pounds of belly for that trip. I'm tired of carrying an extra sixty pound pack on my gut!

The next project will be a week on the Appalachian Trail in September; think I'll try and lose a bit of that extra pack before that one.